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Mobile App Development

Want to stand out among your competitors and create ultimate customer loyalty at the same time?

Mobile Apps are as essential as having a website. Get one for your business today!

SVG Digital can now build you an app! Having a mobile app is as essential as having a website in todays space. People are on their phones more than ever. Users average up to 2 hours a day spent on mobile devices!

When your company has an app, you stay visible to your customers at all times! Even without the customer opening the app, your company stays top of mind with them constantly seeing your logo and it being reenforced subconsciously!

What better way is there to create direct form marketing to your customers? With an app, you can have so many different options on it from general info about your business prices, booking forms, loyalty cards and coupons. But one of the biggest benefits of all is that you can contact your customers directly to their mobile phone, instantly with special promotions that you’re running, maybe coupons that you’ve created or a new loyalty card. So with push notifications it actually just gives you an instant direct form of contact that can always be used as a little reminder to plant seeds in your customers’ minds about the products and services that your business offers.

Want to create loyalty with your customers? Now if they have your app on their phone, you don’t need to compete with everyone else. You don’t need to compete with anyone else with Facebook ads; you don’t need to compete with anyone else in adwords ads because they have their own… you have your own little space on their phone, which is your app. So you’ve got a nice little bit in their pocket where you’re able to communicate with them directly at any point. So when you’re running an offer, rather than relying on them to look at your fan page or visit your website to see what offer it is you’re running; you can just send the push notification which will alert that user to that offer. So there’s no competing with anyone and that will help to build return business.

Are you ready to stand out among your competition? Do you want to be ahead of the game in the digital space? Having a mobile app for your business will set you apart!

How To Get Started Today

Mobile App Development is customized to every client. Start by filling out our discovery form by clicking the link below to find out how we can help you.